Internorm windows are made of timber/aluminium, uPVC/aluminium and uPVC combines four designs with innovative technologies.

Excellent thermal insulation and optimum energy efficiency
All Internorm windows are best suited for low energy and passive houses and are partly available as passive house certified components (according to

Passivhausinstitut Dr. Feist/Darmstadt). Internorm’s standard triple insulating glazing SOLAR+ offers the highest degree of thermal insulation and energy efficiency. The overall energy transmission value (g value) is 20 % higher than with standard triple glazing. Thus the solar energy gain also increases by 20 % – free of charge additional heating and a contribution to climate protection.

Composite windows with quadruple protection
A special composite construction offers perfect quadruple protection: increased thermal and sound protection as well as integrated sun and privacy protection which lie between the panes – a choice of blinds, Venetian blinds or Duette®. No structural provisions or additional fittings are necessary.

Best security
Internorm windows with fully concealed locking parts are fitted on both bottom corners with security locking (standard security). For further security, there are two additional versions in Wk1 and Wk2 (or Resistant Class RC1 and RC2).

Perfect combination
INTERNORM windows can be combined using different materials – timber/aluminium with uPVC/aluminium. Therefore, each room can be provided with the ideal window solution and the right materials.