Olympia HI is a system for manufacturing doors, windows, and shop windows, made of three-chamber profiles of high quality Aluminium. The system is stable and has the highest thermal insulating power, which makes it perfect for passive buildings.

The designers of Olympia HI wanted to develop a system that would be ideal for concepts of the European Project „zero energy”. The requirements to be introduced in 2020 are fully met by Olympia. Using the insulating elements made of ABS and already employed in other systems from Blyweert in combination with a system of insulating foams, Olympia HI system reaches excellent Uf values of up to 0,79 W/m2*K.

Architects and investors involved in passive housing projects may design and build structures with large, impressive double-glazed surfaces. This enables you to use sun heat optimally and decrease heating costs.

Olympia HI is made of materials that are almost 100% recyclable. The aluminium profiles can be re-melted almost Without extra costs and the material received is of full value and can be used for further processing. The available coatings, powder coating and anodizing, are not dangerous to the environment, easy to maintain and clean. All this makes the product very environmentally-friendly and energy-efficient.